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Swiss Pharmacy

Pharmacy Swiss Pharmacy is the first in Ukraine pharmacy premium guarantee Swiss quality. This pharmacy is a project of the Swiss company Swiss Pharmacy Group, which aims to ensure that Ukraine the maximum possible range and service that customers receive in pharmacies Switzerland.

"Swiss Pharmacy is the health center, where the buyer offers a wide range of products for health and beauty. Great attention in the pharmacy paid proper formation of the range and the optimal correlation of price and quality. In "Swiss Pharmacy" presents the products of the leading manufacturers of world renown, as well as an exclusive brand, the most important place among whom are Swiss brands. Except for medicines in the pharmacy Swiss Pharmacy" the visitor will be able to find all of the pharmaceutical products: medical cosmetics, including children, hygiene products, medical devices. The main criterion for the selection of all goods remains. And this is quite natural, as the motto of the pharmacy "Swiss quality for your health and beauty" ("Swiss quality for health and beauty").