Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk, st. Glinka, 7 (Business Center 'Prism'), 14th floor

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Why "Mafia"? Because "Mafia" is the Family. Big, happy family. The family values unite all visitors of the restaurant, and these traditional values did not have gang connotation.

Friendship, loyalty and respect - these are the pillars on which rests the value system of the network of restaurants "Mafia".

National chain restaurants Mafia - it's a big Family, always following their traditions and principles. In each of our restaurant guest can feel yourself as a part of this family, to enjoy the atmosphere of comfort and hospitality and of course to taste the dishes prepared by our chefs. In our restaurants we want to show visitors to Italy, which we see it, is welcoming, warm and Sunny.

So, Mafia is a modern democratic restaurant serving Italian and Japanese cuisine with quality service and prices that are available to people with average income. The restaurant's menu combines two of the most popular in Ukraine culinary traditions of Japanese and Italian, and in this lies one of the secrets of success. And brand metre pizza, regular special offers and promotions have become hallmarks "Mafia".

Deserve special attention and the interior of the restaurant. We have tried to embody the concept of Sunny Italy. Guests will learn the "Mafia" easy to light tones, large white chandeliers, ornate signature patterns on the chairs and soft comfortable sofas.

However, it is better to see and enjoy ;)

Welcome to the Mafia restaurant!