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Missis Norris

There are good fairies as she appeared in our city. Entered the dawn of morning fog with dew on the shoulders and a basket of flowers, leaving behind a trail of fragrant color.
The citizens saw her and remembered.
Mrs. Norris valued above all else two things only, a lot of love and beauty in life.
She arrived from England and nobody will ever know the true cause that led her to our city.
Misiss Noris settled in the southern part of a small house, where he opened a small flower shop. What magical things happened in her room will also remain a mystery. Its elegant and gorgeous Souvenir  bouquets she kept her in a basket on a string from the balcony, where the crowd power townspeople lovers and wedding carriages, looking forward to your orders.
Over time, the balcony was the romantic symbol of the city. Beneath it was always crowded. Even loving couples are dating a balcony Mrs. Norris. They loved to stand under it, inhaling the aroma of freshly ground coffee and fresh flowers, which flowed from the top and woven into the hair ladies, making them even more beautiful.
Today, a long tradition of Mrs. Norris revived our first balcony. Very soon will begin to appear in new balconies and Mrs. Norris, as before, will give citizens a greater love and a real beauty.